Thrifted Thoughts: Clean Line Sofa

Professional reupholstery affords you so many options in terms of redesign.

You can take a piece of furniture right back to its frame and add & subtract features & details as you like.

Take for instance this sofa… Looking rather dated, isn’t it? No problem. For $30 at the thrift store, it’s worth a second look.

It already has a lot going for it. Being a nice long, three-seater sofa that isn’t too deep, it’s perfect for today’s all too common long, narrow rooms. It’s also got those thin, gently curved arms, which will look fab once made over.

The quickest way to modernize this sofa would be to lose the skirt at the bottom, which makes it look tired and dated.

Next, reupholster the rest of the sofa in new fabric. For a really fresh, classic look, I’m thinking it’s got to be light to mid-grey, solid velvet with an accent of cream coloured, velvet piping to bring a little playfulness into the mix.

Keeping things neutral allows you to accent the sofa with graphic, colourful pillows. These can be interchanged to work with the changing seasons and your ever-evolving decorating style.

How about one last detail to take this sofa from bad to rad? You got it!

Remove the original legs and replace them with ones that demand attention. Just like jewelry for furniture, Habit has a number of different options that will up the sophistication-factor big time.

What do you think? Have I convinced you to give a tired sofa, like this, a second look?

5 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Clean Line Sofa

  1. This is a great idea. Right now my living room only has two 35 year old recliners…ok for when it’s just me and my husband, but not conducive to having company over, so we’re looking for a couch. Right now I’ve been trolling Craigslist for furniture and garage sale listings because I’ve been coming up short at the local thrift stores. I like the idea of reupholstering an old couch with nice bones, but I worry that it would be out of our prince range right now. Does anyone out there know about what you would expect to pay to get a couch, like the one pictured in this post, reupholstered?

  2. Hi Emily,

    To have it professionally reupholstered would range anywhere from $500-$800, depending on the cost of the fabric you choose. There’s also the option of making a slipcover DIY style. That could a be a budget-friendly fix until you can afford the real deal!

  3. I love to take a shabby piece and bring it back to life, a new look. As an upholsterer since 1998, I have seen a ton of chairs and couches brought back to life. It is expensive, but really, you are essentially getting a brand new piece of furniture again custom made to your specifications.

    I would say, for my shop, the labor cost would be $500-$800, and fabric cost on top of that. This couch would need 10-12yds, more if I would need to match up stripes, plaid or a large pattern. Also, check the foam, you may need to replace that stuff with new, but it may also be in decent shape. And don’t forget to look at the springs, make sure it’s a solid piece.

    Great post!

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