Thrifted Thoughts: Circular Side Chairs

Chairs with easily removable seats and backs make for DIY-friendly upholstery projects.

I was immediately drawn to these small-scale, circular chairs when I saw them propped up high at a local reuse centre.

A chair with these proportions is multi-functional. It could serve as additional seating in a living room that’s short on space, sit pretty in an entry as a place to sit while putting on your shoes, or go girly-glam as a stool to accompany a dressing table, like the one we discussed last week.

When choosing upholstery fabric for a piece that could serve so many functions throughout your home, it’s best to choose something that could work in more than one room.

I’m big on rearranging furniture on a regular basis. Moving things from room to room keeps your home feeling fresh.

My favorite solution for a piece like this is to keep the palette simple with classic black & white. This doesn’t have to be boring… Anything but, in fact.

The interest comes in choosing something that’s loaded with graphic pattern.

I’ve got oodles of graphic black & white prints that could do the job perfectly in my Spoonflower favorites list.

Playing off of the circular shape of the seat and choosing a fabric with strong geometric lines, like Metro by Heather Dutton, would add tension and excitement to the overall look.

What piece of furniture could you move into a different room today in order to freshen up your home? Tell me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Circular Side Chairs

  1. buy them, paint them a silver, or a hammered dark silver/putter and cover them with something fun!! some really great patterned fabric!! good find!

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