Thrifted Thoughts: Card File

There’s something just so intriguing about a cabinet full of tiny drawers. Don’t you just want to open each one and see what’s hiding inside?

In this case, there’s no need. Because it has no top, you can see inside already. Let’s remedy that, shall we?

This piece would function best in a space where you need a neat & tidy catch-all for everyday items. I see it in a foyer. Once the existing card file hardware is removed, the drawers could hold mail, keys, iPods, the dog leash, etc.

It only takes three easy steps to turn a damaged treasure into chic, functional storage.

Step one: Fix the cabinet to the wall to create a faux console. Make sure you secure it to studs!

Step two: Have a custom piece of wood cut to size and install it on top of the cabinet to create a tabletop surface.

Step three: Stain the new wood top to match the existing card file.

There you have it: a one-of-a-kind, floating console! Add a mirror above, a coat rack beside, and a floor mat below (for shoes) and you’ve got one fabulous foyer!

6 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Card File

  1. I just scored one of these & was thinking of having my Dad build legs for it, matching the stain & then using it in my office to hold things. I’m so excited! I’ve been coveting one of these for many years.

  2. Remember how Pippi Longstockings had a set of drawers like this with different treasure in each one, she let Tommy and Annika pick one to open! Reminds me how I always wished for one.

  3. I adore card files and apothecary tables! We could use one as a coffee table and house my daughter’s newborn rock collection. I could put it in my studio to hold oodles of fasteners! What about incorporating it into a kitchen island? Four drawers of recipe cards (one for each season) and the remaining draws for long-handled stirrers, mixes, whiskers, and stuff. Maybe even replace the top with marble for working pastries!

  4. If you used multicolored cards inside (if using it to keep track of things the old fashioned way) or had treasures you’d like to see without opening each drawer, (at least one level,) you could give it a plexiglass top.
    I would keep the existing hardware. Each handle window could be filled with a visual hint of the drawer contents.

    These and hardware store drawers of old are treasures I am always looking out for.

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