Thrifted Thoughts: Bar Cart

Every once in a while, when thrifting, you come across something out of the ordinary, hidden amongst the rows of sofas, cabinets & chairs.

That’s what happened to me this week. My mind immediately started racing with ideas when I spotted this bar cart…

Right off the bat, I loved the playful angles, the airiness of it, and, most of all, the chrome frame, which was in tip-top shape.

However, the black surfaces, top & bottom, were in rough shape. Made from flimsy plastic, they were warped, scratched and barely attached.

A new solution would need to be found to replace these surfaces.

The options are endless, from tile to glass to decoupage and so on. But, what I’d really like to see is some wood to warm up the chrome frame.

The trick is in finding a wood product that is thin enough to sit inside the existing frame without creating a huge, ugly overhang at the top.

Real wood paneling would do the trick here (like the kind you use to create wainscoting). It’s available unfinished at most home improvement stores.

Just cut it to size (I would run the panels diagonally), stain it in any wood tone you like  (a medium ashy brown would look fabulous against the gleaming chrome), and don’t forget to seal it with poly to ensure longevity. Lastly, just fasten it to the existing frame and you’re done!

A vintage bargain with a new high-end look!

How would you revamp this piece?

5 thoughts on “Thrifted Thoughts: Bar Cart

  1. I would definately go mod podge crazy on this piece. There are lots of cool prints out there that would brighten this guy up. That would be the “bright, new” way. If I wanted to keep it looking dated I would go to a thrift store and purchase the old paper clothing patterens and decopouge them to the cart. Either way, it’s a cool piece to have in your possesion!!

  2. What a beautiful find! I recently found a glass glass and metal bar cart. Went back after a few days of thinking about buying it an it was gone… Bummer!! A wood surface would be fantastic!

    Katie Flynn

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