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mr. scoutie girl and i found a new house and we’ll be moving next month! the best part of this new place is that there are 3 bedrooms and a finished basement – meaning: i get an office! finally! eek!

we’ve consciously made the decision to rent for now, at this point in our lives we’re just not ready for home ownership. so finding little touches that help to make a house a home that are impermanent are really important! when i discovered this wooden bunting from bliss in a tea cup, i knew i had found the first part of my new office decor. there are several pre-designed versions but i’ll opt for the custom version and have it say “scoutie girl” – just perfect for scoutie girl world headquarters!

interested in more about bliss in a tea cup? you can read an interview that i did with one half of this husband/wife team right here.

since this is beyond a doubt the most exciting part of the move, i’ll be bringing you my own design notebook of handmade office goodies & decor in a short series called, “this indie office.” totally cheesy title, i know. it’s cool.

custom wooden bunting by bliss in a tea cup :: $40

4 thoughts on “this indie office :: custom wooden bunting

  1. love it! congrats on the move, tara, sounds exciting! i love the bliss in a teacup buntings, wait till you see them in person, they are even more charming, if that’s possible!!!

  2. I love that you referred to your office as “scoutie girl world headquarters”! That’s going to make me smile for the rest of the day!

  3. Congrats on the new house home!
    Mr. Makery (heh) and I are moving on Wed., and I’m so excited to spruce up the new place. I’m looking forward to your picks.

    Um, ya. I should probably be packing now.

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