things that make me wobble.

ceramic wobbly shot glasses

Things that make me wobble.

Early mornings.

“Mommy!” hugs from a toddler.

Goals reached.

Expectations exceeded.

Heady conversation with a friend.

Sensing I belong.

Trading sarcastic barbs with my husband.

Sentences that flow.

Ideas that click and bulbs that light.

Friends who come when you call.


Iced lattes.

1 rum & diet coke after a stress-filled day.

Check out Melanie Mena‘s wobbly shot glasses! The are handmade out of ceramic and the rims are glazed with a swash of color. The bottom of the colored rim marks one ounce. Melanie says, “after that – you’re on your own!.”

These little pieces are born out of a Newfoundland sense of humor, meant to fill your house with laughs & love & simple beauty.

5 thoughts on “things that make me wobble.

  1. AHA moments
    Being in the flow while working
    Good coffee hot or cold
    Today’s weather
    Banter with husband (trading sarcastic barbs YES)
    My critters
    Heady conversation with husband (or a friend)
    Building MY empire
    Spiritual moments in nature

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