things are looking up

(clockwise from left) lisa kelley-milkshake, me!, jess gonacha, michelle engel bencsko-cicada studio, sara schmidt-salvage and samantha hahn

one of the high-high-highlights of my trip to NYC last week was going to dinner with these 5 extremely talented women – most of whom you will def know! it was so validating to make 'in-person, real-life' connections with other designers/artists. so much of what i do is virtual (and solo) that it's easy to fool myself into thinking it's less meaningful or somehow kind of make-believe. nope, it's really real. the conversations about businesses, goals and ideas flowed and could easily have taken place around a boardroom table – without a doubt, we are businesswomen trying to make savvy decisions about our futures. it'll be fun to keep in touch and find out which schemes panned out and which ones just panned. 

anyway, just wanted to let you know i'm back and ready to get my groove on – especially on this momentous day of this momentous week of this momentous year – 2009 is the year!! personally, with printsource behind me, i feel like the New Year has just begun – now i can make official lists and start prioritizing. how about you? is the year shaping up for you? do you have big plans for your business?

p.s. in the spirit of personal and professional growth, i made some packaging changes to scoutie girl. i've been rammy about updating the look to better reflect where i am mentally with SG – done. at least for the next 5 minutes. ha! the content of scoutie girl will be mostly the same – but the true focus will be on things that are passionately handmade – subject to interpretation as always! {have to leave some latitude for myself! :) }

Happy Inauguration Day! yes. we. can.

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