the whole world in her hands

i tucked this artist’s email into my "hot" folder back in early april – i should have put her in the "should have been posted yesterday" folder. i finally had time to explore her work, which was made much easier by the coolest, well-put together youtube narrative – see below. she speaks about her work and the materials she uses with such reverence and passion. very inspirational for the unsure and sure artists alike out there.

she works with sterling silver and a whole host of natural and other non-traditional materials. she’s always looking for ways to bring nature into her daily experience, and she incorporates bits & pieces of what she finds into her work. she describes her designs as "unique and delicate, but accessible and fun." if you look hard enough, you’ll see leaves, eucalyptus bark, dried flowers and rice paper…to name a few. Metalsmith Artist: Laura Crawford

$70-178 from tangerine treehouse

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