The Space Between

my living room window sill, a favorite spot to dawdle
my new living room window sill, a favorite spot to dawdle

What do you do when you’re between dreams or projects? When you’ve just spent the most amazingly full few months experiencing all things good and tiring and fulfilling, but now it’s over?

After the inevitable post-adrenaline crash (there probably will be one!), you rest a little. You linger and dawdle. It helps that we’re in July; July is perfect for dawdling.

You listen to what calls you and test the waters without committing fully. You play.

Soon enough the arrival of a new project, dream, or idea will shift the pace back to euphoric adrenaline-filled activity and it will be wonderful. Soon.

Until then, accepting the slower pace of lying fallow not only gives your body and mind a chance to regroup, it opens up space for possibility to come to life.

Let possibility come to life.

Dawdle. Linger. Let yourself sink into the space between.

It’s a beautiful space to be.

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