The Power of Fountain Pens: Objects That Make Us Feel Good

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I came back from the holidays feeling refreshed and renewed. Of course the change of scenery and time away from work were big contributors, but there was also something else…

The new stuff.

As much as we like to hoot and holler about Christmas not being about the material things we give and get, it’s hard to deny how good it can feel to bring new and thoughtful things into our lives.

The perfect pair of shoes. A just right necklace. Art that makes the wall sing. They don’t have to be everything to us, but they can bring comfort and a smile.

I was curious about how these simple novelties make us feel good. I asked ladies on social media what their favorite simple luxuries were. The response was swift and enthusiastic.

A great fountain pen. Really good chocolate. Luxe paper products. Scented soy candles. Organic herbal tea. A considerately curated playlist.

Why did they like these things? Because of how they felt when they received them.

They felt cared for, cherished, important, and worthy. Not bad for a fountain pen.

As we get further from the excitement of the New Year and back into routine, remember that you can change your day, even if just a little, by gifting yourself (or someone else) a small and thoughtful thing.

What little things improve your day? Please share in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Fountain Pens: Objects That Make Us Feel Good

  1. It is the thought that counts when gift giving and gift getting I think. One of my favorite gifts was a warm pair of gloves. Simple, but warm and they make me think of he giver every day I wear them (which is every day in the cold Denver winter). :)

  2. What immediately popped in my head was a handmade necklace and pair of earrings that my little sisters made me for Christmas–so cute, and such a gesture of thoughtfulness. I also got chocolate from everyone else–something that made my heart sing (as I’m sure most women’s do!) with absolute jubilation. Chocolate is a source of comfort and happiness to me, and getting that from family who know that was so sweet. Granted, I think created some work for me in the long run…but no regrets!! ;D Knowing that those who have given the gift gave it with perfect understanding and warmth, makes me so grateful.

  3. As soon as I see our cat, Little Kitty, my day is brighten. Her unconditional love inspires me. I think she might be part dog just by some of the things she does. Whenever we return to the house she is always at the door to greet us. She likes to retrieve items thrown if she’s in the mood. Animals are such a joy and great therapy. All of our cats have been rescued from the shelters or on the streets and in return they have given us tons of love.

    1. Aw, that is so cute! I have a beagle, and he is such a cutie pie. A bit odd, but that’s what makes him so interesting. Animals really are a blessing!

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