The Power of Completion

To-Do Stamp by asensiblehabit on Etsy - click on photo for info
if your to-do list looks like this, you may already be a master at completion
(To-Do Stamp by asensiblehabit on Etsy – click on photo for info)

I’m an Aries. I like to start stuff.

Finishing stuff isn’t always my forte, but I’m working on it. Why? Because declaring something finished is tremendously satisfying.

Just think of how good it feels when the dishes are done, the assignment submitted, or when you’ve just signed the painting it’s taken you months to complete.

Completion generates confidence and momentum; it allows us to move on without the drain of a dangling loose end.

Completion is a letting go, a pat on the back, an acknowledgment that we are done with the task at hand.

Completion feels good.

There are different flavors of completion:

Completion that’s achieved in one fell swoop by crossing off a task on the to-do list: “Today I shall drop the boxes off at Goodwill.”

Completion that takes a little more sustained effort, achieved in bits & pieces: “I shall work on de-cluttering this room one hour each day until I am done.”

Completion that is firm and finite: “I am done and DONE with this!”

Completion that is temporary, a deliberate setting aside of things that may or may not be revisited: “I am no longer pulled toward this project, I think I shall put it aside for a while.”

No matter which flavor of completion is declared, it’s deliberate. A loose end was dealt with and its energy drain liberated for something new.

And if you’re an Aries like me, this is the best news ever because it means you get to start stuff again.

Are there any loose ends causing energy drains in your life right now?

What would you have to do to declare them complete?

6 thoughts on “The Power of Completion

  1. I struggle with this, since I have a full time job and three teens my life is full. But, I love design and this is my true passion. I keep a list of tasks posts etc. this is helping so far.

    1. I can’t even imagine how full life must be with three teenagers, I bet you have a LOT of forward movement to celebrate – on many fronts. Congratulations on keeping your passion alive!

  2. This post really resonates with me. I think the Number One issue in my life is completion, or lack thereof. So many other issues stem from this tricky one… And BTW, I’m an Aquarius – is there a connection?

  3. Life is busy enough without double-writing thank you notes and “because we’re friends” cards. So, for about the last four years I’ve been keeping font size 6 notes on a sheet of filler paper of when I send letters or cards and, sometimes, a little memory-jogger about the content. Very helpful for my now-and-then forgetfulness, especially since some of those thank-yous are written quite a while after the gift or kindness is received.

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