The Power Of Being Sassy And Bold

Most people that know me would tell you I’m pretty sassy. It’s a trait I truly appreciate about myself, and sometimes it shines through more than others. Just this last week, I stumbled upon an opportunity to get involved with a start-up.  The end of the position description asked me to e-mail my resume to the founder of the company, which seemed pretty basic enough. Yet, that day in particular, I was feeling rather sassy and decided I would be bold and not follow the directions. I decided I would e-mail the founder, give him a detailed list about all the reasons I would be a great fit, and not include my resume. It was risky, but if there were any time for me to get away with such a bold task, it was now.

The minute I pressed the send button I felt a great rush of excitement.

I had broken the rules and it felt so very good.

In that moment, I knew that regardless if I ever heard back from the founder or not, it was the act of breaking the rules and being true to myself that felt so great.

However, before long I had a response in my inbox, telling me that we should get on the phone and talk logistics. Breaking the rules in this case turned out to be a really good thing, and it looks like I’ll be getting involved after all.

My point is that we so often do exactly as we are told without letting ourselves think outside the box. Obviously, my approach wouldn’t have worked for just any opportunity, but I had a suspicion that I could get away with it in this case, and I was right. If I took chances like that more often, I think life would feel a lot more exciting.

So often we are asked to do things that may not feel authentic to us, so what’s so wrong with changing it up a little bit to make it feel authentic to us?

If anything, I think it will earn us more respect. There are ways to follow directions and be authentic, and I think that’s important for us to keep in mind.

Days later, I’m still gushing with excitement that came from thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. I think I’m going to be doing a lot more of it, too. Because you know what? I am sassy, and I might as well put it to good use.

How have you been sassy and bold lately?

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Being Sassy And Bold

  1. Tahani, thank you for reminding me that being me and true to myself is important. And, that a little sassy isn’t a bad thing!!
    Congrats on the new opportunity!

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