the metrics of moving furniture: how to skin the cat

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This is a treat for your imagination. Relax, relish the details, and let yourself enjoy living in this scene….

You’re in an enormous room with a vaulted ceiling and dark-stained hardwood floors. At one end, there’s a cathedral window filtering in a bit of daylight. Beneath it, an ornate rug and a heavy leather arm chair.

Built-in bookshelves tower above, laden with ancient manuscripts that fill the air with that delicious old book smell. At the other end of the room there is a fireplace. A hot cup of cider waits for you on the hearth.

You’d like to sit in front of the fireplace, but there’s no seating over there. You move the heavy chair to the other side of the room so you can enjoy the warm of the fire. You sink into the chair and sip your cider. Lovely.

Ok, story over. Did you enjoy your time in there?

What were you able to see and smell? What details did you notice?

And most importantly: how did you move the chair?

Did you push, pull, or try to pick it up? Hard work with a heavy chair in an enormous room.

But there’s another option: pull the rug across the room, and the chair comes with it.

We are so often blinded by the nitty gritty that simple solutions evade us. It’s true that sometimes you have to muscle through, but often there’s another way. A simpler way. This time literally under our feet.

Assume that every problem is workable.

What tasks await you that seem difficult? Can you imagine another solution?

Tell us how you’ll “pull the rug” in the comments. Then, cider for all!

2 thoughts on “the metrics of moving furniture: how to skin the cat

  1. I tend to do it difficult way! Seemingly, I prefer mountains, rather than molehills! Although, probably, faced with that problem, probably would have waited until the arrival of a conveniently strong male to solve the problem!

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