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kick the door down project zine

a couple of weeks ago, i invited you to submit your own stories of breaking down obstacles to live the life you want. and boy did you ever!

i was able to put together a kick ass digital zine with all your kick the door down stories. the zine is completely free to download – nearly 13,000 worlds and 31 pages of encouragement and inspiration for your creative journeys, whether you dream of your indie business or dream of living a more creative & fulfilling life.

the kick the door down project is a digital zine compiling the stories of creators who have broken through obstacles – mental, physical, and situational – to live the lives they’ve dreamed of. some are living those dreams and others are still on their journey. we can learn from them all.

please share this with the creative women (and dudes!) in your life and anyone who needs a bit of help with kicking down their own personal doors. feel free to lift the image of the cover from this post but please link here instead of directly to the download. thanks!

click here to download! and if you’d like to give back a little yourself, i’d love for you to subscribe to receive scoutie girl updates once per day in your email!

41 thoughts on “the kick the door down project :: ezine

  1. All these kicking the door down posts have been so inspiring. Can’t wait to read this ezine today. Thanks to everyone for sharing there stories and thanks to you Tara for putting them all together.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I just downloaded and can’t wait to read all of the inspiring stories! I am sure I will keep it to reference on days I’m feeling down. Thanks Tara!

  3. Благодарю Вас уважаемая госпожа-Tara за письмо и за внимание.Приятно ,что Вы -романтик и интеллегентный человек-так как обратили внимание на мои работы в моём блоге.В создании блогов -я ещё учусь

  4. Боагодарю Вас уважаемая госпожf-Tara-Очень приятно,что Вы заметили мой блог и Вы удивительно романтичный человек.С уважением к Вам-Валентина В

  5. thanks so much for the zine! i read your post on embracing abundance then immediately downloaded the zine :) i can’t wait to read all the stories to get inspired to take my design business to the next level :)

  6. Amazing zine Miss Scoutie. Not trite or sappy… just purely inspiring to those of us who live to infuse the world with beauty made from our own hands. Thank you, truly.

  7. Tara – I must admit I already respected you…but reading the Zine you put together just thrust you to a whole new level in my mind. I’ve decided I’m going to read it in small doses, maybe a story or two a day or when I need some inspiration. These stories are both emotional and empowering at the same time. What a terrific thing you’ve done…

  8. I’m very happy I stumbled upon this zine. I found pieces of me in some stories and all of them are so inspirational. It’s so relieving to know that people who have been where you are have finally managed to kick doors down. I ‘m about to kick mine.

  9. Tara,

    From a fellow 3t-er. Love your blog. It’s big, bold, colorful, and still polished and well crafted. Qualities I have continually attempted to add to my blogs unsuccessfuly!

  10. Hi Tara, I am so happy I found this site!! I love your energy and insight!! I am definitely a loyal follower now! I’ve got my boots on and am ready to KICK THE DOOR DOW!! Thanks for all that you do!

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