The Holidays: What’s Your Right Pace?

Sunlight on PineconeUsually I speak of “right pace” in the context of productivity. We all have our personal productivity cycles, the rhythm at which we function best. The more we learn to recognize that rhythm and work with it, the more we tap into ease and flow.

Right pace can also be viewed through the lens of time, schedule and commitments, all of which seem to come to light intensely during the holidays.

Social and family gatherings, office parties and hitting the stores for that perfect gift, they all take time. Some welcome the lot with open arms, thriving on the buzzing holiday energy, while others guard personal time preciously, knowing full well their social, physical and energetic limitations.

I tend to fall in the latter camp.

My tolerance for scheduled plans and activities is fairly low. As a guideline, I try to limit my commitments to one per weekend – two max, with none sometimes preferable. Having more than one commitment during the week starts to weigh on me and more than one commitment in a day has the ability to put me in a tizzy.

Sometimes this makes me feel lame and afraid of missing out on something good, but my job is not to judge or fear judgment from others, my job here is to acknowledge my needs and act accordingly.

What do I need to do to feel at peace and be fully present in my holiday commitments, whether that’s family gathering #1, office party #2 or Christmas concert #3? Can I bow out of some commitments? Can I spread them around? Or maybe this year I want to say yes to it all and schedule in extended rest & relaxation after the rush.

With each opportunity to say yes or no, I discover my right pace and choose how I want to spend the holidays.

When it comes to time, schedule and commitments, how do you want to spend the holidays?

Just as in the realm of productivity, I suspect the more you discover your right pace, the more you’ll tap into ease and flow.

One thought on “The Holidays: What’s Your Right Pace?

  1. Oh, how I’ve struggled with this over the past few years! The more I’ve come to realize my need for routine and quiet and time to create, the harder this month has become for me.

    This year, I’m working on giving in to it–for there is much I love about this season (in the midst of much I don’t). When I find myself feeling frustrated because I can’t get to the creative projects I really want to do (as I did yesterday because I had to shop, which I hate), I remind myself that it’s just what this time of year is about. That January will feel all the better for the contrast with December. That each month brings gifts, just different ones. It’s helping. I’ve got a more peaceful heart than I’ve had in quite a while.

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