The Hilarious Truth Between Boobs and Bellies

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 8.20.39 AMI’ve always been fairly slender and felt I had a good sense of what styles I could wear well. One of my favorite accessories is a long, pendant necklace. I’ve collected several over the years, and love that I can wear a single, delicate strand, or layer them for more of a statement. They just seem to suit me and the kind of clothes I gravitate towards.

Several months into my pregnancy, I reached for a pendant necklace and then gave myself a quick once-over in the mirror before heading out the door. Thank goodness I did, because I noticed something new. The necklace that once politely lay flat against my shirts now hilariously dangled in the concave between my boobs and belly.

I shelved the necklace and tried another. And another. Nope. This option was clearly going to be out for the duration.

My standby just didn’t fit my current reality. I started to wonder where else in my life I was trying to make an ole faithful work, with comedic results. In my closet? In my business? In my relationships? I traded my pendants in for big hoop earrings, and I found some other places in my life and work where I could adjust.

Where have you literally or figuratively outgrown something, but are still trying to force it?

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