The Full Time Job Of Being A Goddess

A guest post by Goddess Leonie.

When I was growing up, I knew in my heart of hearts who I was destined to be:

Artist, poet, writer. Someone who helped people and changed the world.

I heard all the stories of course – the stories about how artists starved, that there were no real jobs in the world doing the things I loved and adored.

I decided I wasn’t going to listen.

So I embarked on an Epic Quest.

A Quest I like to call:

Discover the Holy Grail of How The Heck To Find The Thing I Love The Most And Make An Income From It.

The HG for short.

So my epic quest began my working out exactly what the heckomondo I wanted to do. I finished school & went to 3 different universities to study 15 different subjects. My last subject? Art History. I quit university after realizing that I wanted to be making art history instead of writing about it.

I kept working – first as a legal secretary, and then for the Australian Government in an office job. My motto was to take glitter with me wherever I went – so that’s what I did. No matter where I worked, I had FUN.

And in lunch hours and at night and on weekends, I kept playing with my passions. I painted and wrote and took photos and started going to sacred women’s circles and started blogging just to share about it.

I can still remember the day that someone wanted to buy one of my artworks that I’d shared on my blog.

It was a humungo, elephant-sized dream of mine come bursting true!

After that, it was just following scent after scent of new passions and new explorations. I sold art prints. I created and self-published my first book. I designed t-shirts. I sold art at markets. I started running my own women’s circles, then creating my own retreats. I photographed goddesses wherever I went.

It was utterly joyful and glorious.

Then, three years ago, I got cranky with the fact that these things I loved doing so much? They weren’t any where near giving me an income that could mean quitting my day job.

And how I longed for a job title that just said: Leonie.

I realized that I spent so many years building my creative and spiritual “muscles” – but none in building my business muscles!!! I needed to learn how to be a Business Goddess so I could actually share my gifts with the world in a gloriously profitable way.

So I poured myself into building my business muscles. I read business and finance books and blogs and magazines. And I started trying them all out in my business. Taking action after action, step after step.

I developed e-courses and meditation kits and a thriving custom art practice and workbooks and coaching services and an online Goddess Circle membership program.

In the space of three years, I’ve grown my business into something that was just my sweet little hobby into a thriving enterprise that employs me and my love. We have been able to move across the countryside to tropical paradise, and both stay at home to raise our baby daughter Ostara.

It’s such a brilliant, blazing dream… and I am so grateful for it.

I am so convinced that every soul in this world can build a business just by sharing their beautiful, unique gifts in the world. This job of mine? Of being a Goddess? It just didn’t exist ten years ago. Everyday, new, exquisite, rainbow-flavoured jobs are being created. It’s utterly excited.

The world is filled with possibilities… all we need do is turn up, with cowgirl hat in tow… and dive in!

Goddess Leonie is an incorrigible gigglesnort, professional goddess blogger & artist mermaid hippy. She is the creator of the online Goddess Circle and popular spirituality blog

9 thoughts on “The Full Time Job Of Being A Goddess

  1. Wonderful post. So inspiring. I turned my passion for writing and my hobby of acting into a business about 13 years ago. Still going strong and building my customer base each year.

  2. you have no idea the circumstances behind me stumbling on your blog today. But man, this Universe is magic!
    thank you for your inspiration, for sharing your story and for believing in the value of being creative. :)
    much love and success to you!

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