The DIY Analysis Paralysis Cure

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I recently suffered from a short but dastardly case of analysis paralysis. I was working on a project and had lots of ideas. I gave myself so many choices that I sat in the crossroads instead of choosing a route and going for it. And I mean sat in it; no other stuff was getting through while I blocked all the lanes.

I hear of similar situations from creatives all the time.

“I have so many ideas.”
“I don’t know where to start.”
“What if I pick the wrong thing to start with?”

It’s hard to budge from that point of stuckness. The stakes feel big, and failure iminent. And it’s so personal.

What finally got me moving? Instead of moving forward, I took a step out.

I thought, “If a friend, collegue, or client came to me with this situation, what would I recommend?”

Bingo. The answer was clear. And unemotional. I had taken myself out of the equation.

When you are feeling blocked, stuck, or stumped, put some distance between yourself and the situation. We are all intutive problem solvers, but the answers are easier to see when they’re an arm’s length away.

6 thoughts on “The DIY Analysis Paralysis Cure

  1. This is great advice. Part of bigger problems is that they feel overwhelmingly big and difficult to deal with, forcing us to making choices and deciding what is right for me right now… Sometimes it helps just to think It’s not really a problem, but often it is these simple solutions we tend to forget about in the midst of everything! :-)

  2. Great advice! I find myself doing this when I get a brainstorm of ideas all at once (wish I was that lucky all the time…). So I write them all down. This way I don’t feel like I’m *not* choosing the other ones — I can come back to them later. It’s takes the momentary panic away.

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