the critics weigh in…

52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion

i am so excited to bring you the first “issue” of the new scoutie girl this week. but first, i just had to say “thanks!” to these lovely ladies for 3 phenomenal reviews of my ebook, 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion.

if you haven’t heard, this ebook is part information, part writing prompts, part workbook for keeping you blogging your indie biz all the way through the year! you can start any time, but when better than the first week of a brand new year? you can find out more from these great reviews:

  • tricia mckellar, fabulous photog who is now writing a phenomenal indie biz blog called wonder thinking, wrote this review saying, “The blogging Diva has written a blogging guide for those of us that wonder what to write, where to find inspiration, how to mix things up, how to get started or recharge our blogs.”
  • candy glendening, who wrote a lovely guest post here last week, had this to say, “She’s got some amazing advice on how to: “Boost Traffic, Beat Bloggers’ Block, and Communicate your Passion for Creativity”. These sound like 3 excellent “inclinations” for me to pursue in 2010! So I’m going to be using her e-book to make my blog the best that it can be. Because I’ve found that this here blog also boosts my artistic endeavors as well!” You can read more of her review here.
  • finally lori dunbar, regular scoutie girl contributor and the designer behind marzipan, inc., reviewed 52 Weeks saying, “it seems that a major change that the internet world focuses on this time of year is blogging. people who’ve neglected their blogs vow to update more, people want more visitors, change formats, and even blog hosts. what a better time of year for tara, editor of scoutie girl to release her first e-book: 52 weeks of blogging your passion.”

thanks, ladies!

i’m also thrilled to announce that i’ve just opened a support community for bloggers working through this program. once your purchase the ebook, you’ll receive an invitation to join in. you can post links, discuss blogging with other members, and receive personalized support from me!

i couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception the ebook has gotten. and i can’t wait to start writing the next one. speaking of which, what aspect of blogging would you like the most help with? design… seo… engaging readers… finding your niche… let me know your questions in the comments and i’ll see what i can do to answer them!

4 thoughts on “the critics weigh in…

  1. Engaging readers!! Would love to hear more on this. Any advice would be great.

    Incidentally…I didn’t receive an invite to the forum when I bought your e-book. At least don’t think I did. Would you let me know what I need to do to reach the forum area?

    Thanks so much!

  2. congrats on such wonderful reviews! Mine will be up this week. (So far, I’m loving it!)

    I would love to see someone useful tips and shortcuts for maximizing (and personalizing) a wordpress blog. I’m just transitioning into worpress (after years with blogger) and since you are the wordpress queen…

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