The Creative Life Love List

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This is my 50th post at Scoutie Girl!

Since Scoutie Girl is all about crafting a “creative life with character,” I wanted to celebrate by sharing 50 things I enjoy and have learned about living a creative life. Maybe you’ll see some shared loves…

The Creative Life Love List


1. I can make anywhere feel like home, be it a house, a rental car, or a temporary office.
2. I eat off the good dishes every day.
3. My home is a work of art.
4. The front porch makes just as good of a lunch spot as the dining room.
5. Some of my favorite things are thrifted.
6. Art from friends, family, and artists deck my walls.
7. A vacation is only a pillow fort away.
8. Pinecones and leaves serve as souvenirs.
9. Making a meal can be a creative act.
10. I practice philosophy through my closet.


12. I’m surrounded by informed, intelligent, passionate people.
13. I meet world changers at events and conferences.
14. I’m married to a funny, kind, and generous man.
15. My sister and I like each other so much we invented our own holiday.
16. I can see my parents as really cool people, not just parents.
17. I’m curious about the people I meet.
18. I get that everyone has a story.
19. I have friends that have seen my good, my bad, and my ugly, and it feels good to be truly known.
20. Love, support, and inappropriate jokes are only a phone call away.


21. I share my office with two rabbits.
22. I’m inspired daily by my clients.
23. I’m a forever student.
24. My colleagues do life-altering work and are remarkable people.
25. I look forward to my work every day.
26. I’m energized by what I do.
27. When clients get results I feel on top of the world.
28. I have a clear vision and sense of purpose.
29. I’m the boss.
30. Did I mention that I share an office with two rabbits?


31. I know how to play.
32. Taking a walk is a scavenger hunt.
33. Taking a walk with a dog is heaven.
34. I invented “playground yoga.” There’s lots of laughing and falling down.
35. I am not above prank calls.
36. Laughing until I cry is one of my favorite activities.
37. Sometimes you just have to hold your friend’s doll collection hostage. With a construction paper gun.
38. Lip synced dance routines are best done with the kind of friend who will put a strapless bra around her head and pretend the cups are cat ears.
39. When you catch a duck, be sure you know which apartment you’re going to put it in.
40. Good spouses cheat at Taboo.


41. Learn the rules so you can break them better.
42. Apologizing is an art.
43. Nothing feels better than being thought of.
44. It’s never too late. Applies to chasing dreams and sending wedding presents.
45. Honor your critter self.
46. Fail faster.
47. Fail better.
48. It doesn’t matter what they think.
49. Ask for the girly beer.
50. It all starts with gratitude.

What’s on your creative life love list? Share in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “The Creative Life Love List

  1. My creative life love list includes making stuff with seasonal, local food. What starts out as a centerpiece can morph into a wreath and then end up a fabulous soup! Veggies are beautiful!

  2. Your list had me grinning from ear to ear and even laughing out loud. So much fun to read. Thank you for the reminder that play is the quickest way to a creative life.
    On my creative life love list is: decorate with vivid color!

  3. My list boils down to matching input with output: as an introvert, as long as I keep my input levels high (reading, quietly researching ideas with a cup of coffee in my hand, music, learning history, etc) I find that my creative output will always be there when I need it.

  4. My create life love list starts with: I will never be old- no matter how wrinkled I get. Next is: I will believe my husband when he tells me funny words like Beefalo exist because they make me laugh until I snort out loud. Finally: I live with 3 amazing infants who make me laugh, make me cry but are worth every second of it!

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