the creative imperative – or – do your part – or – be the change

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Yesterday, Jonathan Fields wrote a brief but awesome post (aren’t those the best?) about CHANGE. Namely, as much as we ask for change, we hate to actually do it.

He said:

Everyone wants to own the result, nobody wants to own the process.

Whether it’s reclaiming the economy for the little guy, taking care of global warming, feeding the hungry, or reversing the obesity crisis, the hard work is always the last work to be done.

Enter: The Creative Imperative

This world needs people who not only think outside-the-box but act outside-the-box. It’s no longer enough to do things the way they’ve always been done (really, is that even true?). It’s no longer enough to wait for others to act first.

I believe that each of us – outside-the-box thinkers, original idea people, artists in every sense of the word & then some – have a responsibility to do our part to create the change we want to see in the world. We all have a part to play, a wall to paint, a project to craft.

Creative-creators are the change-agents of today.

Note: I did not say “creatives” are the change-agents of today. Because I’m talking about executing – actualizing – achieving – performing. You’ve got to be creating.

We cannot hope to make this world a better place if we do not act on our own unique thinking. No idea you have is too crazy. No thought too out-of-left-field.

“That’s great. But what can I do?” you say.

Know your strengths and then do something with them.

Are you a communicator? This is the time to broadcast your message via social media, craft a call to arms on your blog, or email a group of friends.

Are you an organizer? Time to start that monthly meet up you’ve been thinking about. Time to bring people together around your cause.

Are you a supporter? Now is when you need to contact the leader you’ve been quietly throwing your support behind and ask them what they need from you.

Are you an entrepreneur? Never before have you been able to build a business that not only makes money but promotes positive change so easily. Now is the time to create the product or service of your dreams.

When you act on your gifts you’re engaging your creative imperative. When you sit – silently, passively – you’re abdicating your responsibility.

Yes, this is uncomfortable. Yes, this goes against everything you’ve been told.

Yes, you can do it.

I need you to.

What have you been sitting on your hands about? How will you engage your own creative imperative?

What will you do TODAY?

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4 thoughts on “the creative imperative – or – do your part – or – be the change

  1. “Everyone wants to own the result, nobody wants to own the process.”
    I personally enjoy the process of creating. Almost do not want to finish a project, just as when one reads a good book, hard to say good buy. Smae with creating a painting, collage, handmade book … the process is what is the most rewarding.

  2. I’ve been sitting on an idea for a plush where the profits would go towards local animal rescue organizations. Animal rescue is a huge part of my life and I want that to show in my work. But for some silly reason I haven’t gotten around to making anything for the shop specifically to help a cause I love. The more I write about this the sillier I feel for not working on this sooner. Guess that means I need to be the change and get my butt into gear!

  3. Do try to do my bit, but at 70+ feel I have to wait for the opportunities to come to me before I can do much about it. However, I encouage every one else to go for it – and wish them every success in their attempts. One can get very tired out there – but don’t let that stop you. Also have to think of the husband – disabled, and needing me ever more, however much he tries to do stuff for himself! Blogging and toy-making help me cope! Isobel

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