The Body, Mind, and Space of Self-Care for Creatives – Part 3: The Space

Spacious Place - Larainy Oil Paintings
Spacious Place – Larainy Oil Paintings

This is a guest post from Tania Wojciechowski.

In the first two articles in this series, I talked about both the body and the mind as the starting points for self-care. We can tap into both for deeper wisdom on how we want to live and create. Today we’ll be talking about space.

Space? Like outer space? No. Space, like place. I’m talking about that spaciousness you feel when you are in the right place, that joy you have when you walk into your favourite spaces, that place where you feel like you are coming home.

Space for me is both physical and soulful — we can love our kitchen, our craft room, our garden, our special rock near the ocean. These are the spaces where our most precious moments happen — creativity, laughter with friends, beautiful and nourishing meals for your family, and meditation. Being in these spaces brings us joy, it reignites our energy, it takes care of our soul.

By reconnecting with these spaces, we are taking care of our deepest needs for grounding, connection, trust, and meaning. These favourite places embody all the things that are bigger than that space, but come from being in it.

These spaces become our sanctuary. For our bodies, our minds, our souls.

We create our own environments — where we work, where we create, how we cook, the garden we grow, or the place we choose to sit and be still. We can look at the spaces around us to notice how committed we are to our self-care by seeing how much effort and love we put into them.

Have we set up our dining room to be a place of communion and nourishment? Have we carved out space, completely for ourselves, in our homes where we can get still? Are our bedrooms a reflection of the respect we give to our need for sleep and intimacy? Does our office at work encourage us to do our best each day? Do we have the space and time set aside for ourselves to get creative?

Or is the kitchen a place where we only pass members of our family on our way to do something more important? Does our office space make us stare at the clock until our time is up? Have we forgotten how to tap into our creative energy since we just haven’t made the space to sew or paint?

Let’s bring spaces into our lives that nourish us to the soul, that show us that we care for ourselves.

They can be spaces that we go to (like a favourite coffee shop where everyone knows your name), or ones we create with our own hands (like decorating the spaces in our home, or the gardens we grow). Then, by creating daily or weekly patterns of consciously going to these spaces, we return more often to what has meaning for us, what bring us joy.

In essence, this whole series of articles has been about space — the space we give ourselves to be quiet and listen to our bodies, the spaciousness we give our minds so that we can move beyond the negative chatter, and the physical spaces that feel deeply like home. Giving ourselves space — in fact, creating that space, that sanctuary — can be the most caring act we can do for ourselves.

What are the spaces that feed you? Is it a favourite gallery or museum? Running your hand along the textures at the fabric store? Going into your grandmother’s dusty closet and surrounding yourself with her old dresses?

Let me know in the comments!

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TaniaWTania Wojciechowski is a creativity and wellness coach and is co-founder of Spark Retreat, which is for creative women who are looking to reignite their soul’s fire. This year at Spark, she’ll be leading a workshop called “Start a Revolution, Reclaim Your Peace,” which will expand on some of the concepts in this series — helping you set up healthy patterns and space for self-care and find peace of mind. You can find Tania at where she guides people who want to reconnect with their joy through creativity and wellness.

6 thoughts on “The Body, Mind, and Space of Self-Care for Creatives – Part 3: The Space

  1. This series has inspired me. I am setting up a new space currently for exploring my art. This article helped me decide to use all my creative abilities and start fresh.

  2. Having moved to a new home in a new city this past year this post speaks to me on so many levels. I love our new home and have been enjoying making it a space that nourishes my whole family. We spent the other day on my little boys room and now it feels so much cozier to cuddle and read stories together at night. Getting it organized and displaying cherished items and their artwork has really made the room more inviting and personal. We all love being in their more!

    1. That’s exactly it, Kerry, what a great example. Creating beautiful spaces in which we can truly live is not the same as just decorating. It’s about creating spaces where snuggles and cuddles can happen, and where your soul wants to play. Your son is lucky to have such a perfect space for him!

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