The Body, Mind, and Space of Self-Care for Creatives — Part 2: The Mind

With a Gentleness - Carianne Mack Garside
With a Gentleness – Carianne Mack Garside

This is a guest post from Tania Wojciechowski.

In the first article in this series, we talked about how our bodies let us know when we are in need of some self-care. As creatives, we can often push ourselves beyond our limits in a desire to stay in that creative moment, or seek out that inspiration. But sometimes, the intensity of the moment, or the inspiration, is clearer once we take care of ourselves.

Today, I’m talking about something a little more ethereal — the mind. You know, that thing that is constantly talking to you? The part of you that can judge so harshly you stop yourself in your tracks so you don’t make the wrong move — or write the wrong words. That thing that can convince you that you aren’t good enough, worthy enough, or ready enough to fully become your most creative genius?

I’m not going to tell you how to become worthy enough or good enough (you just are).

All I want to do is let you know that you are loved.

There is someone in your world that loves you, fully supports you, and wants the best for you. That person truly believes in you and wants you to do your thing. Hell, there are probably several people in your world who feel this way.

What would happen if you felt the same way about yourself? Why not become one of your own biggest supporters?

How would it feel to move forward with gentleness, with compassion, with the same kindness for yourself that you would give to a best friend?

Being gentle with ourselves is one of the most deeply caring acts we can do.

It is a courageous act of self-love and compassion, and moves us beyond the negative chatter that can crowd our brain. It’s a perfect way to reclaim our peace — of mind.

So what would happen if:

  • you drew a line on that watercolour paper and instead of getting frustrated with its imperfection, you embraced it as your best, and played with it as if it were perfect?
  • you stopped yourself from staying too long in the “what ifs” in your mind, and took a break and simply went to your craft room and starting making something beautiful? Could you get out of your head and into your hands and let yourself play and be with the fabrics?
  • you gently met your concerns instead of berating yourself? Turn “why am I still a nobody?” into “Ok, I’m curious to know what’s holding me back. Is it fear? Is it really not wanting this path? Is it that I feel alone?” And then dive into that to see what how you respond.
  • every time you thought, “I’m not successful enough” or, “I’m not good enough” you caught yourself, and thought instead, “I’m so grateful for where I am. I’m forever putting my energy into wanting something different or better; but what if I could appreciate where I am, and know that it’s the perfect place for me right now.”
  • you said, “No” to a few requests being made of you. Gently, and kindly, and with no excuses.
  • you said, “Yes, and” to yourself and to your work. If you really stepped into acknowledging the power and impact of your work. Acknowledge that you are creating something, that you have something to say — you matter. AND let yourself stay open to new opportunities that feel spacious, more positive, more compassionate. To more of you mattering.

Be gentle with yourself.

When you come from a place of love, compassion, and peace, you can take your mental chatter and those worries and cradle them in your soul. Be curious. Be loving as you explore where these are coming from. And be open to playing with them as much as you play with your creativity.

In what ways can gentleness with your thoughts help you reclaim your own peace? Let me know in the comments!

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TaniaWTania Wojciechowski is a creativity and wellness coach and is co-founder of Spark Retreat, which is for creative women who are looking to reignite their soul’s fire. This year at Spark, she’ll be leading a workshop called “Start a Revolution, Reclaim Your Peace,” which will expand on some of the concepts in this series — helping you set up healthy patterns and space for self-care and find peace of mind. You can find Tania at where she guides people who want to reconnect with their joy through creativity and wellness.

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  1. Hello ! :)
    I just wanted to say that this series of article is great ! It was inspirational, and it made me see things from a different perspective. It simply helped me feel better about myself. :)
    So, thank you

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