The big 4-0? Bring it.

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Next month I’m turning 40 and, frankly, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Of course I have my “OMG I’m turning 40!” moments, but when I stop to think about it, I am happy. Not always content, but happy, yes.

For the past several years and today, still, I work (and sometimes play!) hard to create a life I want to live.

I create relationships. I create spaces – physical and metaphorical. I create work and projects. I create health and curiosity, joy and reflection.

Sometimes I create deliberately through action, sometimes I create by letting things unfold.

Always, I create with the help of co-creators like intuition, other people, and my Higher Power.

Some aspects of my life still call for movement and tweaking; I suspect some always will (exercise routine – ’nuff said). It’s part of continued learning and growth. But, after giving it some thought the other day, I realized that I did play a large role in setting up key parts of my life that make me very happy:

I created a home that nurtures and supports the rest of my life’s activities. I did this multiple times over the years.

I created friendships, new connections, and half of a marriage, the latter after contemplating the possibility of never saying yes to one again.

I quit my job to pursue more meaningful work, was offered a year’s leave in return, and am back at the office three days a week, allowing me both time and money to continue working on the foundation I built during my time away.

I created art and creative community by putting a plea out to the Universe, and saying yes to opportunity when it presented itself.

I asked, I said yes, and I received.

It’s been, and still is, a process of figuring out what kind of life I want to create and experimenting with different ways of bringing it into being.

Ultimately, it’s a journey in creating alignment of external circumstances with internal values.

So the big 4-0? Bring it, I say. I am ready to continue what I started.

And Universe, if you’re listening, maybe this is the decade I find the exercise routine I’ve been waiting for all my life?

I remain humbly open to your direction in this matter.

8 thoughts on “The big 4-0? Bring it.

  1. life is a wonderful journey and becoming 40 knowing what you want, working always on it, having a family and looking forward to the future its just exciting!!!!

  2. The 40s — an amazing decade. Filled with so much in so many ways. I love the fact that you are so open to whatever lies ahead…that alone means your experiences and your challenges will be rewarding! xo

  3. You know what happens the day after you turn 40? The same thing that happened the day before. It’s all just a number, and if anything, you’re far better at accomplishing your goals because you’re wiser than you have ever been. Best of luck in the next stage in your life, Stephanie.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes Dave!

      Indeed you are right, whatever I have going on now will simply carry forward with me the day after my birthday. I’m cool with that. : )

  4. The big 4-0 was not that big of a deal for me. I truly believe that I have gotten better with age, not physically obviously but mentally. If we consider life at any decade an adventure and that we are never too old to learn then the number becomes inconsequential. A sense of humor about gray hair, pinched nerves, and slouching body parts certainly helps though!

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