The Art of Storytelling: Start With the Heart

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This is a guest post by Tiffany Silverberg.

When you are telling your brand’s story, start strong to engage your readers until the end. Consider the last time you picked up a novel or went to the movies. If the beginning didn’t hook you, chances are you left the book behind just a few pages in or left the theater feeling jilted and unsatisfied.

A good start plops you in the middle of the action.

Don’t make your reader search through a sea of words to find the point. Get to it. Place your main point, your thesis statement, your hook, at the beginning. In this way, you will not only grab hold of readers, you will touch even wayward readers with the key point.

Usually, you need to turn the story upside down.

Most tell their brand story by starting with the problem. Cancer, unemployment, illness, boredom – dominate the first paragraphs of most about pages. But as a buyer, when you go to a page of rainbows and yellow umbrellas, and find yourself in the midst of a paragraph about clouds and raindrops, chances are great you will close the window before you get to the point.

Give us a peek into the positive transformation.

Let’s go back to that novel or movie. You probably approached it at the recommendation of a trusted story that gave you a synopsis. “It’s about a girl who overcame all her fears.” “It’s about a guy’s determination to win a game.” If the recommendation only included “Her life was as lost as a rain-soaked kitten” or “It didn’t seem he could accomplish anything” – the negativity would have kept you far away.

Tell us up front what mountain you climbed, what you created, who you’ve become, and how your brand brought you there. Explore the negativity after the positive has won our hearts.

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Tiffany Silverberg is Navy wife and foodie with an independent streak. As a freelance writer, she brings years of journalism and language experience to non-profits, businesses, and families, telling their stories online and offline. You can visit her website at and find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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