the art of amanda hughen

I’ll admit, I had a tiny bit of science nerd in me through middle school and high school. And that side of me came geekin’ back when I saw these paintings from Amanda Hughen. Each piece feels very nebular to me, but also exists on its own as a beautiful abstraction.

This is what Hughen’s has to say about her work…

“There is a seemingly endless list of invisible hazards present in our daily lives: toxins in drinking water, lead paint on toys, cancer caused by cell phone usage… However, the science behind these threats is often contradicted by media sources with competing agendas…

My artwork is an attempt to aestheticize and tame the science behind these hidden perils (chemicals in toothpaste, BPA in bottled water, etc.) in order to calm my own fears…” Read more here.

To view more imagery from Amanda Hughens, visit her portfolio site here.

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