thank you!

Thank you for everything! You (and you and you and you…) have changed my life.

I can’t ever repay you – but I’ll try.

Know that your visits, your comments, your word of mouth, your links, and – of course – your purchases make every difference in my life. I hope that I can help spread that back around.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a lovely day of Thanks. And remember, do only what matters. Don’t stress about the other stuff.

PS. I’ll be sending out an email in the next few days with a super sweet deal on some of my business building know-how. If you want in on it, you’ll need to sign-up here – oh, and there’s a FREE ecourse included!

13 thoughts on “thank you!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and scoutiegirl followers. You all inspire me everyday and I’m truly thankful for the encouragement, creativity and fun! I’m so proud to be part of this wonderful community, thank YOU.

    We’re not too far away – we would love, love, love to see you at our indiemade craft market next weekend! (Road trip!)

    Thanks again for all you do, every day of the week.

    Here’s to living an inspired life,

  2. Thanks YOU, Tara! Your daily dose of advice and/or words of encouragement are inspiring and, at times, a good kick in the butt.

    Have a lovely weekend with your family :).

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