tell someone “i heart you” by buying handmade.

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here at scoutie girl, we like great handmade stuff. we like to buy handmade because it’s different, because it sets us apart, because of the quality, the personal connection, the benefit to mother earth.

but i believe that there’s an even greater concept behind the “buy handmade” movement.

buying handmade is a vote in favor of goods that are worth something.

really worth something. they are worth the blood, sweat, and tears – oh, yes, it’s cliche – but so true – of the person who made it. the product is worth the time in which the designer learned their craft, marketed their brand, and packaged your order. they are worth the uniqueness of the concept. and these craftspeople value themselves enough to put a price tag on their goods that reflects that worth.

this year for valentine’s day, consider telling someone “i heart you” and “you’re worth something to me” by purchasing a gift that is truly worth something. and, to make it just a bit more challenging, why not purchase a handmade gift for someone who knows nothing but shopping in strips malls and big box stores? introduce someone you love to the quality, craftsmenship, and shear coolness factor of a gift like-no-other!

and maybe, just maybe, if you feel bold – tell them how much they’re worth.

for a great discussion of the “culture of cheap” and the value of handmade goods, click on over to “crafting an mba” a new blog by my friend megan auman. i’ve not seen a blog or blog post in a long time (if ever!) warrant the depth & consideration of the comments being left on megan’s post reflecting on her recent troubles with those who question her prices.

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5 thoughts on “tell someone “i heart you” by buying handmade.

  1. It is absolutely true! Handmade products are a part of the artist’s heart. We truly live and breathe our crafts and it is much more meaningful, and long lasting, than store bought goods. Most of us are also willing to work with you to make something that is truly unique and special for the recipient. Thank you for always promoting handmade!

  2. i couldn’t agree more about the value of handmade goods. so many artists undersell their goods just to try and keep up with mass marketed items. so sad…

    heading over to read megans blog post right now…

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