tees to ‘happify’ me


i added t-shirts to my 'must dig' list this weekend. in the winter, i wear them everyday over long-sleeves or under hippy blazers (am I allowed to say hippy & blazer back to back?). anyway, none too soon, i found this note from Julia of happify in my submissions folder! she is a one-woman show and a mostly self-taught artist and graphic designer, who hails from minneapolis. she's passionate & super selective about the sources of her raw materials and production processes b/c her "goal is to embrace beauty and consumption as a means to positively change the world by blending design and function with an embedded social/environmental ethic. Or, more simply, I love beautiful things and I also want a sustainable and peaceful world." your designs and your efforts happify me, Julia!

see her lovely 2009 calendar here.

**All proceeds from the sale of her dandelions shirt (top left) goes to the Neighborhood Involvement Program's Rape and Sexual Abuse Center in Minneapolis providing services to female and male survivors of sexual abuse and assault.**

$22 from happify

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