Tap Into Creativity by Letting Go

Tap Into Creativity By Letting Go

What says more about creativity than living an exceptionally happy and rewarding life? Creative people know that life is what you make it – but sometimes even creative people get bogged down in the stresses and worries of life. As you enter a new year, a new month, or just a new day, consider moving beyond the things that get you down. Once you make a conscious decision to let go of some things weighing you down, you will be more creative than ever before!

It’s time to move beyond things that bog you down, tap into creativity, and let go of:

  1. Negative self-talk. It only brings you and others down! And if you don’t think you’re doing enough, or trying hard enough, or making enough progress, take action to make changes instead of perpetuating the problem with negative self-talk. You will surely find that the self-fulfilling prophecy is alive and well.
  2. Negative self-image. Like negative self-talk, this one is torturous! So let go of it. You are a beautiful person and you are who you are for a reason. If you don’t like how you look, what you weigh, or the color of your hair, then change it. Don’t just sit and wallow in a negative self-image. Love who you are and live a creative life that celebrates everyone – including yourself!
  3. Worrying. Let go of it because if you don’t, it will just hold you back and down. Does worry really help anyway?
  4. Insecurities. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Be yourself! Let go of insecurities and you can be more creative. Some people may not like what you do or say, but that’s okay. We’re all different.
  5. ‘Friends’ who bring you down. If they make you feel sad, depressed, or ‘less than’, it’s time to let go of them!
  6. Family riffs. Every family has one now and then – those moments when tensions rise and tempers flare. But don’t let that destroy family relationships long-term because, after all, family is precious and to be revered. Agree to disagree and learn from each other.
  7. What-ifs. For all of the ‘what-if I had….’, there is also a ‘what if I do…..’ – you can’t move forward when you’re always looking back so let go of what might have been and embrace what will be.
  8. Envy. One of the worst things in life is envy. Wishing you had what others have is jealousy and that’s bad. But wishing you had what others have and wishing they didn’t have it is envy and that’s even worse. Focus on you and what makes you happy and live within your means. Life is good if you let go and let it be!
  9. Being the ‘fixer’. It’s great to help others and do something to give-back. But don’t let that keep you from taking care of yourself and don’t believe that you can always fix other people or resolve their problems. Strike a balance and enjoy living too.
  10. Planning the future too much. Preparing and planning for the future is awesome – but don’t let that get in the way of living today. Don’t let the special moments of today slip past while you’re thinking about the future. And after all, watching the future unfold is part of the excitement of life!
  11. Mourning loss. Losing someone you love is hard, but don’t spend forever mourning. A reasonable time of grieving is normal, but then celebrate the memories and the person’s life in creative ways.
  12. Fitting In. Sure, we all want to be accepted, but shouldn’t we be accepted for who and what we are? Aren’t our differences what make us unique and exciting? Exercise tolerance of others and embrace who you are for being an individual and be tolerant of the differences of others too. That way – we all fit in!
  13. Technology. We are by no means recommending you get rid of technology altogether! We actually LOVE it (or we wouldn’t have ScoutieGirl!). But we live in a technology world that is more ‘connected’ than any generation before ever dreamed possible. Sometimes we can become overloaded with emails, RSS feeds, posts, pings, dings, and rings. Let go of technology and allow your mind to refresh and regenerate new ideas. Get outside, open your mind, and capture life in real-time.
  14. Ignoring your dreams. If you’re too busy working, planning and doing, then you may be ignoring your dreams. Stop and listen to yourself – be quiet for a few moments every day and discover what’s important to you. Follow your dreams. It could mean less money (or more!), or any number of changes in your life. But dreams are there for a reason – don’t just follow them, run with them!
What things do you need to let go of so you can begin living a more authentic and creative life?


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