Art to Inspire: 7 Prints to Inspire You in Your Workspace

Naturally, as the writer of a column called “art to inspire,” I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with inspiration each day – in your home and elswehere, but especially when it comes to your workspace. So here are seven suggestions for new office hangings to remind you of the things[Read more]

tooling around: words

Words. Funny things, words. I mean, what are they? A few or more letters flowing together across a page. Sounds spilling from lips and floating through the air. For all their weightlessness, words can feel awfully heavy. Every word has the capacity to leave its indelible mark on someone’s heart.[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: kashoan ward

Kashoan Ward is a crafter, wife, and mom from Nebraska. Recently I talked to her about where her craftiness comes from. Kashoan puts her love of words and anything vintage into her business, KraftyKash, where she creates vintage dictionary and world traveller pendants. For Kashoan, her craftiness started in kindergarten,[Read more]