are you where you want to be with your creative work? keep working

Are you where you want to be with your creative work? Have you started working on a project or an idea and realised that what you are making and what you envision making are not on the same level? Is the vision in your mind so much better that the[Read more]

through shaded lenses: is there a lack of vision in the new art & crafts movement?

“I love making stuff.” “I have a passion for craft.” “I need to express myself.” These are worthwhile pursuits. And I say, “Get to it!” These statements are killer reasons to explore your artistic side. To get creative. To see what your own two hands can do. But they are[Read more]

scarcity, bounty, and the comfort of the remarkable

If you’re managing a project, figure out what the scarce resource is (it’s not usually money). Climbing Everest? It’s warmth and weight you care about, not how much the sleeping bag costs. Scarcity creates value. — Seth Godin As artists – and remember, you’re already an artist – our most[Read more]