tell someone “i heart you” by buying handmade.

here at scoutie girl, we like great handmade stuff. we like to buy handmade because it’s different, because it sets us apart, because of the quality, the personal connection, the benefit to mother earth. but i believe that there’s an even greater concept behind the “buy handmade” movement. buying handmade[Read more]

sarcasm & snark. not for the faint of heart!

it must be love – or small pox. by heidi burton it’s valentine’s day! you know what that means! i’ll be in my room crying. by neat things. ghostacademy – This doesn’t mean that I don’t think Valentine’s Day is lame. — But it does mean that I love you.[Read more]


first: who doesn’t love stickers? second: who doesn’t love yael frankel and everything she does to bring fabulous indie illustrators together? three: who doesn’t love stickers? i rest my case. you need this. featuring: geninne (cover), multiplepersonality, gemmabear, corid, danitashop, laura Berger, blancucha, and, of course, yael.