I Heart You: Heart-Shaped Gift Guide


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day most likely sneaks up on you every single year right after Christmas, right? Sometimes I have wonderful ideas to show my loved ones how I feel about them, and sometimes I just fall short and can’t think of a single thing. Today, I’m rounding up a[Read more]

Acute How-To: Lace and Doily Cups

I have a strong love for lace and doilies and this love is exemplified this time of year, when many stores are decked out in doily Valentine’s Day décor. In honor of the upcoming holiday and my lace/doily obsession, I came up with a simple how-to that puts all my[Read more]

V-Day Art that will Look Great all Year Long

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. V-Day: The strange (yet interesting) “holiday” where you give something heart-shaped or chocolatey to the ones you love. Now, I realize there is more to it than that. I am generalizing just a tiny bit. But if you are already going to pick something up for[Read more]