DIY Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Foraging for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I have to admit I always shyed away from centerpieces of any kind because I thought they were time-consuming and expensive. This year, though, in an effort to really fall in love with fall and everything it has to offer, I decided to take the plunge and create a centerpiece[Read more]

Oh Canada! Canadian Butter Tarts and Thanksgiving

My Dad and I, 1979

Although I grew up in the United States, my dad was Canadian through and through. We always celebrated traditions on both sides of the border. Did you know that Canadian Thanksgiving is on the second Monday in October (that’s today!)? Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving[Read more]

Acute How-To: Fall Garland

Thanksgiving is next week in the USA…so why not spruce up your holiday decor with a simple fall garland? Garlands are easy to make and can come in so many forms.  They are pretty much my “go-to” decorating idea for the holidays.  For this one, I decided to make simple[Read more]