is interior design really a creative art?

This is a guest post from Mike Gracia. What do artistic graffiti, photography, and interior design have in common? They are all divisive when referred to as art forms; while some consider them creative, others do not. Those against graffiti have the fact that it is a criminal act on[Read more]

let’s just say we have creative differences
wherein I reveal that I’m a bit of a snob

pocket smock dress by christina pires Yesterday, I wrote a mini manifesto on living a creative life. I’m glad it resonated with many of you. But I wanted to address a couple of comments that left me a little sideways. A couple people related that they felt uncomfortable in their[Read more]

one to watch :: marian smale

this shop is shockingly beautiful to me. marian smale is a textile artist – hand-painting the cotton fabric she uses to create these stunningly designed skirts. i really see these skirts on a creative professional who’s looking to put together easy * gorgeous * client-worthy outfits that scream experience &[Read more]