Acute How-To: Glitter St. Patrick’s Day Banner

I made this banner for the upcoming holiday. It was so simple and would be a fun project for kids. You can also switch it up with lots of different sayings and colors for any time of year. Trust me, glitter is appropriate year round. Supplies: super thick paper {[Read more]

Acute How-To: All Natural Fabric Dyes

Before chemical fabric dyes came into existence, natural substances such as fruits and vegetables were used to dye fabric. I have been meaning to try out a natural dye technique for a while and finally did it this week. I am happy to report that it was a success and SO[Read more]

Banana Cream Caramel Pie

I absolutely love banana cream pie but I am not a big fan of traditional piecrust.  So, I created a cookie crust that is soft, slightly sweet and super easy to work with {unlike piecrust, which can be a little fussy}. There are a few steps involved in this recipe[Read more]

Acute How-To: Lace and Doily Cups

I have a strong love for lace and doilies and this love is exemplified this time of year, when many stores are decked out in doily Valentine’s Day décor. In honor of the upcoming holiday and my lace/doily obsession, I came up with a simple how-to that puts all my[Read more]