productivity – the feel good approach

Setting Goals, Defining Scope, Estimating and Planning. All of this is worthless if you don’t actually do the work, execute, produce, deliver, ‘ship.’ Productivity. There are libraries full of how to master it and web page after web page explaining how to get some more of it. I have nothing[Read more]

Down in the Weeds – Low Level Planning

Low level planning is your day-to-day work planned out at the granular level, usually by the week, with activities blocked out by the hour. This is the plan that I find most important when it comes to really getting down to brass tacks and working. A low level plan is[Read more]

A Helicopter View – High Level Planning

Planning is the combination of goals, scope, and estimates all plotted along a time line. A high level plan is this combination at its most elemental, and provides a ‘helicopter view’ of what you’ll be doing for the next year (or three, or five.) At it’s simplest, a high level[Read more]