productivity – the feel good approach

Setting Goals, Defining Scope, Estimating and Planning. All of this is worthless if you don’t actually do the work, execute, produce, deliver, ‘ship.’ Productivity. There are libraries full of how to master it and web page after web page explaining how to get some more of it. I have nothing[Read more]

6 Easy Steps for Understanding Your Creative Project Management

Getting your feedback on project management helped me realize that a handy dandy graphic always makes large concepts easier to understand and break down. At it’s most basic, project management involves these six steps: Goal Setting Defining Scope Estimating Planning Executing Reviewing I’ve mentioned that I’m tackling project management at[Read more]

Like a Rolling Stone: Finding Momentum with Goddess Leonie

Each week, I receive at least a dozen emails, comments, and tweets asking the same question: How do you do it? One big part of the answer is momentum. I concentrate on creating, sustaining, and then releasing momentum. So does Goddess Leonie. That’s how she’s built a BIG business around[Read more]