How to Properly Paint Interior Walls in One Day

How to Properly Paint Interior Walls in One Day

Since my husband and I started remodeling our little 1800s farmhouse, I’ve gotten my fair share of experience painting walls. Not just any walls though – these old walls had all sorts of bumps, humps, and holes from years and years of artwork and family photos. I had originally planned[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: lakshmi

Lakshmi is an architect and mother of two, living in Australia but originally from India. Recently, we caught up to discuss where her craftiness comes from. Lakshmi is the artist behind Studio Lakshmi, where she shares her beautiful paintings. Her earliest memory of being creative is as a child, when[Read more]

Memento Vita: Remembrances and Gratitude

My very first post here on Scoutie Girl asked the age old question, “What is Art?” It started an interesting conversation in the comments. In the seven or so months since, I am still exploring that question, or rather a derivative of it. What is art good for? I carry[Read more]

7 Questions with Belinda Kemp of Gretchen Mist

If you’ve been floating around in internet land for some time, chances are you’ve come across the work of mixed media artist Belinda Kemp. Name ring a bell? How about her shop, Gretchen Mist? It’s all coming back to you now, right? Well, I’ve been a fan of Belinda’s work for[Read more]

Take a Seat with Matt Condron

I have a teeny tiny confession to make. I am kind of a chair fiend/freak. My husband and I have so many chairs, there are actually a few in storage because we don’t have enough room for them all in our house. So, when I came across a collection of oil[Read more]