Why You Need to Embrace All of Your Passions

Everyone knows someone who can slam dunk a basketball, kick a field goal, and serve an ace all with relative ease. It’s the same for the creative arts. Most creatives fall into the category of multi-talented individuals. We can play three or four different instruments and we can knit, crochet,[Read more]

Building Your Creative Bookshelf

We all know that our creative inner artists are children. That explains why we are easily amused, love sweet things, and enjoy walks (or strolls or romps or rolls) outside. But have you supplied that child with books that nurture her creative spirit? I didn’t embrace my creative bookshelf until[Read more]

On not being a “real” artist

The hardest part of being an artist is not feeling like one. Deep down, I wonder every day if I’m a ‘real’ artist. I don’t live and breathe my work. Heck, sometimes I go a week without drawing (though I’m miserable during that week). I don’t smoke or do drugs[Read more]