late bloomer: set your creative intention for the new year

A guest post by Stacy Kathryn Holst. I apply my brush to paint, and paint to the canvas. I step back, admire my work. Inside my studio, time stands still. I have solitude and peace. But outside my window, 2010 flew past me like an express commuter train, all noise[Read more]

we scout wednesday: handmade vs homemade
or why what we call it doesn’t matter

handmade. homemade. crafter. craftsperson. artist. designer. crafted. created. produced. maker. blogger. writer. doer. thinker. What you call it doesn’t matter. Your intention does. If you intend to sell, create what is valuable in material, utility, or originality. If you intend to use, create what meets a need, serves a function.[Read more]