10 Classic Films That Quench Your Wanderlust Thirst

photo credit: Dave Fancher

Have you ever watched a film highlighting a faraway destination, only to feel the pull of wanderlust? Part of extending my travel experiences  is either anticipating where I will travel, or soaking the experience in while traveling and processing it all afterwards. It is so much fun to recognize some[Read more]

Top 3 Photo-Editing Apps for Non-Photoshop Users

Top 3 Photo Editing Apps for Non-Photoshop Users

I am passionate about writing and creating content for websites. I manage lots of different websites and create a variety of content which allows me  freedom to express my thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways. I especially love learning new things, conducting research, and writing about what I[Read more]

Cheeseballs Are Not Really Pinecones

Cheeseballs are Not Really Pinecones

As we head into fall, our minds and heads often turn to entertaining, family gatherings, and enjoying time with family and friends. Fall settles in like a cool, cozy blanket around us and thoughts of warm bowls of chili, steaming cheesy pumpkin and sausage soup, triangles of spicy hot cornbread,[Read more]