Unearthing Memories with My Mom and a Large Mushroom

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Yup, that’s my mother with The Mushroom. I can’t prove it, but I suspect that nearly every tourist who comes to Israel’s southern desert has a picture of this particular fungal-looking sandstone formation. My first Mushroom pic dates to 1986 and the one you see above was taken just today.[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: marlene bockler

Marlene Bockler is a wife and mother who is a project manager by day and jewelry designer by night. I caught up with her recently to find out where her craftiness comes from. Marlene is the designer behind the jewelry brand Simon and Lucy, named after her two children. Her[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: kashoan ward

Kashoan Ward is a crafter, wife, and mom from Nebraska. Recently I talked to her about where her craftiness comes from. Kashoan puts her love of words and anything vintage into her business, KraftyKash, where she creates vintage dictionary and world traveller pendants. For Kashoan, her craftiness started in kindergarten,[Read more]