7 Ways to Avoid the Home-Based Business Slump

7 Ways to Avoid the Home-Based Business Slump

In the past few years, there seems to be a trend in entrepreneurship and home-based businesses, and this warms my heart so much, you guys! While I know, first-hand, that entrepreneurship is extremely hard work, I also know it means that we are all going after our dreams and achieving our[Read more]

10 Insights About Optimism and Creating a Business


There have been many times in my journey to being a business owner where well-intending loved ones have suggested I might be better to return to a lucrative but soul sucking day job. I’ve learnt to listen to how my body feels when they suggest that move because the one[Read more]

Customer Service vs. Business Policies: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Customer Service vs. Business Policies

I, just like almost all small business owners, pursued the path of entrepreneurship because I had to. My passion for what I do is so strong, there really was no other option for me. I know exactly where I want my business to lead my life, and how I want my life[Read more]