Customer Service vs. Business Policies: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Customer Service vs. Business Policies

I, just like almost all small business owners, pursued the path of entrepreneurship because I had to. My passion for what I do is so strong, there really was no other option for me. I know exactly where I want my business to lead my life, and how I want my life[Read more]

The Customer Experience Unveiled

The Customer Service Experience Unveiled

I don’t know when the art of customer service lost importance in our daily lives. My wife and I have had a lot of discussions about this very topic, primarily because both of us own small businesses. We have some admittedly high standards when it comes to customer service, but[Read more]

Product vs. Experience: Are You Selling Coffee or Seats to the Dog Parade?

This post originally ran in November 2011. We recently had a great discussion about the experience your customers have with your stuff. One reader suggested I write a follow-up expanding on the idea that “It’s not the stuff; it’s the experience.” So I thought I would. So here’s the deal:[Read more]