The Customer Experience Unveiled

The Customer Service Experience Unveiled

I don’t know when the art of customer service lost importance in our daily lives. My wife and I have had a lot of discussions about this very topic, primarily because both of us own small businesses. We have some admittedly high standards when it comes to customer service, but[Read more]

a new way to live local

This is a guest post from Nadine Anheier Long of Shop Fauna. Scoutie Girl readers have an awesome opportunity to follow along as this business unfolds – and to help it grow! A few weeks ago, my company, a startup think-tank called Red Nova Labs, announced a contest for employees.[Read more]

where do you need help?

print by AlbaMarina – click image for more info Running your own creative biz? I’d like to see your business card. I bet it says something like “President/Owner/Founder/Marketing/PR/Creative/Web Designer/Blogger/Billing.” At least that’s what it should say, ’cause you do just about every darn thing by yourself. You’re a one-man band.[Read more]