Hand-Painted Paper Cut & Pinprick Collages: Lena Wolff

With laundry piling up, the kids home for summer, and that never ending to-do list, life can get a little crazy sometimes. And when it does, I always make an attempt to get outside : take a walk through the park or a long bike ride to lunch – something like[Read more]

guest post: confessions of a paint from home mom

Wendy Brightbill continues the conversation about how creative living fits into the bigger picture of life… tara, it is so nice to know that i am not the only one who lets the dishes pile up in her sink. i often have friends who ask me, how do you find[Read more]

Melissa Bryant: My Wire Empire

Inspired by textures & shapes, Melissa Bryant’s mixed media works combine traditional drawing skills with fabric and other textures that are scanned and layered in through the computer. The results are truly lovely in their economy of shape and line. My favorite series from her current body of work would have[Read more]