where craftiness comes from: the courage to create

Creativity comes in waves. Some days it’s full on and others it’s lacking that oomph. It can be just what you were expecting, or it can completely surprise you. Having spoken to many different people who began their creative journeys at different walks of life and from very different upbringings,[Read more]

why is this woman blankly staring out the window?

green sydney window light by lightroom presets you might be asking yourself, “why is this woman staring out the window?” it might be because she’s in that melancholy mood that follows a marathon session of reading design, craft, and lifestyle blogs that are just to pretty for words. the kind[Read more]

one mad giveaway :: tea party giveaway from orglamix

i’ve got a great giveaway for you this week: an eye shadow giveaway from orglamix! if you’re feeling the glam of the oscars and the fantasy of alice in wonderland, you’re going to love orglamix’s tea party eye shadow collection, which includes the shades: chai, lemongrass, jasmine, and chamomile. cheri,[Read more]