The Passionate Creative as Symbolic Exemplar

“Really? He said that?” That’s usually people’s reaction when I tell them that even as a singer, songwriter, and voice-finder, I have a story of someone telling me to be quiet. In my case it was my seventh-grade choir teacher who used to tell me “shut up” so he could[Read more]

Are You Leaving Enough Space For Your Life in Your Work?

If you are an entrepreneur-self-employed-part-time-creative-consultant-activist-full-time-trying-to-find-your-calling-and-your-raison-d-être it’s not all about the marketing plan, the biz plan, the to-do list, the connections, the working it, the social media-ing, the never ending must-dos. It’s also about fun. Fun, you say? But I’m trying to get a business off the ground so I can[Read more]

Testify: running a biz vs. running around

I recently sent the following email to a fellow creative entrepreneur: Hi Lorna, I’m in an entrepreneur mastermind group, and someone has asked for a referral for a VA. I’m going to post your site on the public forum, so hopefully some people will check you out. I know this[Read more]

best of… gwyn michael: self-starting vs self-stumbling

Let’s take a look back on 2011 – the posts that inspired, challenged, and encouraged us. Today, enjoy Gwyn Michael’s very first post on Scoutie Girl. This first topic came to me as the result of starting a lot of new things at the same time (including this column) and[Read more]

Art to Inspire: The Guide to Getting Anything Done in 3 Simple Steps

You have a laundry list of goals and ambition practically oozes from your pores, but are scratching your head when it comes to actually getting things done? “How can I possibly get to where I want to be? Am I good enough, smart enough, passionate enough to accomplish what I set out[Read more]

where craftiness comes from: the courage to create

Creativity comes in waves. Some days it’s full on and others it’s lacking that oomph. It can be just what you were expecting, or it can completely surprise you. Having spoken to many different people who began their creative journeys at different walks of life and from very different upbringings,[Read more]